If you want to spend a big order (over 50 pieces), please contact us via this page, our printing capacity is 1,500 units per day.

We do not service other subcontractors, only the companies listed in the collective karmashirts involved in the production of your orders.

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We will provide the best quality at the best price while respecting our charter on working conditions and ecology.
Our processes are:

The digital printing (dtg)

We have 6 digital EPSON printers and 1 double DTG printer tray which allows us to have a maximum production of 800 units per day.
We work with water inks made in U.S.A.

The manual screen printing

Our screen printing workshop (3 floors) consists of 180 manual printing units, the average production is 1,500 pieces per day (variable depending on the number of colors and complexity of logos)..


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We have 10 semi automatic embroidery positions
Daily production: 1500 embroidery daily.

Sewing workshop

Our workshop consists of 24 machines coudres, 2 tables of cutting cotton, cotton extractors 6, 3 buttons machines, 2 pressure ironing stations.

Daily production: 600 t shirts by day

We specialize in printed t-shirt, embroidery T-shirt, polo shirts and caps.

We count among our customers large groups of hotels, restaurants and independent brands.