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Each product purchased, it is assigned a number of points of KARMA representing a monetary value, it is you who will choose who you want to give these points. We support mainly two causes, animal welfare and better living of children without families.
If you buy 2 items, you can very well support two causes, the end points are converted into currency KARMA and averaged to determine the percentage of money that will go to helping children and animal care.


The projects are open to everyone, whether you are an organization or an individual, you have the right to initiate a project on our platform.
Once your project accepted collection is launched as a sale of one or more products, the sales proceeds will go to support your cause.
see regulation.


The shipment will be offered follow-up, however, you can participate in the postage for one or more of your articles, with this gesture, you will earn more points KARMA the site and to support our cause.
No judgment is brought to your actions, the whole concept of karmashirts resides here, you shop in consciousness and within your means if you buy 5 products, you can very well take delivery offered but not participate in shipping for one product.


We control 100% production chain, cotton is cut in our workshops, seams and retouching prints are done by ourselves only in our workshops.
Our Thai employees are paid three times the average local wage and benefit from a bonus room.
Our European employees earn the same wages as local employees except the manager who earns print some more.
Working hours are from 9 am to 18h, the cut-meal is an hour and it takes the willingness of employees (no meal schedule).
The child care center is available for moms who work at karmashirts, baby nursery we use is held by the wife of a French expatriate.
Our employees have the right to take 8 days of vacation after the New Year, eight days in a period of Songkran (April) and 5 days for the Chinese New Year (February), no work on Sunday.
All holidays are granted to employees.
Graphic designers are paid piece based on sales on the site they themselves decide their product margin posted.
Royalties are donated to some publishers to give you the right to use the names of your products.


Our shirts are between 70 and 85% organic, we would say 100% but it is impossible to control the origin of some sewing rooms, more for digital printing, we must use a cotton not pray harmful but that is not natural (made in usa). The inks are water (made in usa) .And we recycle cotton falls, we also offer shipments recycled letters.

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The Karmashirts project began there two years with the creation of charity-tees, a charitable organization which aimed to highlight charitable projects and promote proposing the sale of textile products worldwide and donate the profits to these associations.
After several months of design, we found ourselves in front of a huge problem, why sell a t-shirt at a low cost from an indefinite to help a charity.
So we decided to go to Southeast Asia to find reliable partners and in the end we stayed there.
2 years later in February 2016, Karmashirts.org finally opened and became a group of companies:

-Kharma Foundation
-vixenz grp


This is the foundation of this project it all started, the idea was to offer to associations such as SPA, charities, people in distress or having a worthwhile cause can sell products on the site and and recover profits and sales all in an idea of ​​fair trade.

Kharma Foundation:

This organization is established in Thailand for 6 years and every year he launched 2 projects in so-called war zone (southern border). Building schools, housing for children, etc.
This foundation is human scale and receives very little or almost no donation.
The actions are carried out by some European volunteers living on site and offering some of their monies to help children.


Serishirts was a designer t-shirts resale site with a wide product catalog, they offered their database and their web structure. The company had to close early 2016 to focus on another project in Australia. They agreed to provide us the queens of the baby on the sole condition that we keep their Thai employees and their main supplier.

Vixenz grp:

Vixenz grp is serishirts production workshop, this little plant is sized, Thai employees are headed by Franco-Thai team and they are working in fair trade for already seven years.
The team consists of about 20 people.
-cutout cotton
-confection tshirts / polo


The print shop is run by a Canadian who runs his business with his wife and most of their employees are cousins, friends brothers (about 20 people).
Without wearing the label fair trade, labor family is necessarily fair :)
Hand-print silk screen
-cutout cotton
-confection tshirts / shirts / hats / caps
This association gives birth to KARMASHIRTS.ORG

Karmashirts offer thousands of products from a handmade and fair trade. We control 100% of the production of a t-shirt. Buying organic cotton, sewing and up printing.
Each sale on the site generates an amount of karma points, and for each of the items purchased that you choose who you want to give your karma points.
We propose to provide the disadvantaged children or to put them at the disposal of animals in distress.
An amount is shown at the top of the site €€, this represents money made available for the current month, and the allocation of karma points defines the percentage that will go either for children or for animals .
A percentage is generated based on customer purchases and allocation of karma points.
If you take 3 items, you can distribute your karma points between 2 and like to help everyone.
Shipments are offered and this for all countries, however, if you have the means, you can participate in shipping and thus to gain more karma points to the site.
We also offer the resale of items for all types of projects, staff associations, charitable .The aim of the project is from a good intention. With these sales all profits go directly to the project launcher.

The story

Karmashirts hard to talk about without mentioning me. I never considered myself a spiritual or religious person. I always felt uncomfortable seeing the behavior of some people around the world.
With social networking, we are flooded with a ton of information and videos all alarming as each other, but in the midst of this chaos, there are projects that emerge without specific funding, young people who give without counting in short, the future is not as bleak as that.
Since 90% of people, I thought only my little personal comfort, I always tried to overcome my problems one after the other, keeping in mind one day I will do something in my life, one day I will give the poor one day I will go to help build a school in a remote country. But I never had the time, I always told myself that I had not enough money to give, I had already set my family problems before trying to give my time ...
Living in South-east Asia for ten years, I do not have the French-language television and I am subscribed to a subscription radio that deals with various subjects somewhat outside normal media (btlv I advise you by elsewhere), one day I listened to one of their guests who spoke of magnetism. I found it very interesting and'm tempted by tests in my free time.
I decided to try magnetism on my cat who unfortunately has leukemia or HIV cats, during an infusion, the vet had to shave his hair back and they never pushed. I did the magnetism of this place without much hope, and 4 days after, all her hair had grown back miraculously.
It was at that time that I really understood that we were capable of incredible things
Since I work my animal magnetism with me and they make it well :)
Over time I discovered Buddhism, attention, I'm not talking about religion, but the state of mind and I started to pay attention to things and to think in a different way. One day I came across the words of a monk who basically said that to be good it is not necessarily to do amazing acts, but each in his own way was to use his abilities to bring something good. That day, I realized that I if I expected to be rich, I would never do anything useful in my life and that I should use my resources and ideas to create something good, something better without enrich me individually, but reasonably in offering work to people in need, respecting the working conditions in a place where there are none, producing so own in a region where everyone pollutes, creating a group of companies that would be stronger united only useless and isolated

that's how was born karmashirts.org

Our actions in detail:

On every purchase made on the karmashirts.org site, we allocate 80% of profits to our charity budget. Including assistance to orphans and animal protection.

We have regular partners such as P.A.C and kharma Foundation, but each month we help other associations in France, Europe and Southeast Asia.

We help only associations that we know and human sizes.

Our actions for the protection of animals

We do not participate more in vaccination campaigns for animals for ethical reasons and costs, after several years of vaccination campaigns in Southeast Asia we sadly realized that we were only multiplied the problems.

Consider a region such as Chonburi in Thailand, there are over 300,000 stray dogs ...

The best solution from our point of view and to ensure that these animals become strong enough to lute against the natural way viruses without spending all our budget in uncertain vaccination campaigns more only enrich laboratories pharmaceuticals.

We have developed a water filtration system that makes it pure with saving properties: water purifier + natural vortex.

Our main Animal Action is free installation to system in clinics, shelters and spa.

If you want to be part of the waiting list to receive one of these kit thank you from us to request HERE

We also buy tons of pet food to animal shelters.

We send blankets and anti flea collars for animal associations for the homeless.

Our actions for children

We equip the orphanages with the purified water system that reduces the consumption of drugs by 60%.

We offer clothing and uniforms.

Karmashirts moves in jungle villages in Southeast Asia to offer children's clothing to families in need.

We offer gifts for christmas festivities in remote villages.
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